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We believe the true measure of a songwriter starts and ends with writing your best songs. SongTown provides a creative community of potential co-writers and world-class pro mentors. We’re a songwriter’s support system to inspire and guide your progress.

If you are pursuing a career in music or simply looking to write better songs, we are here to help…

And have a lot of fun in the process! As a member, you have access to 100’s of pro videos, monthly industry webinars, pro song feedback, and much more.

We are excited to get to know you and your music!

Clay & Marty
(SongTown Co-founders/Multi-Hit Songwriters)

Meet the Pros

Live webinars, courses, and video lessons with today’s top professionals.

  • Clay Mills

    Clay Mills

    Multi #1 Songwriter

  • Marty Dodson

    Marty Dodson

    Multi #1 Country Songwriter

  • Shelly Peiken

    Shelly Peiken

    Multi #1 Pop Songwriter

  • Victoria Horn

    Victoria Horn

    Grammy Songwriter- Pop/EDM/Urban

  • Andreas Stone

    Andreas Stone

    International Hit Pop Writer/Producer

  • Victoria Banks

    Victoria Banks

    #1 Hit Songwriter

  • Marcus Hummon

    Marcus Hummon

    Hall-Of-Fame Artist/Writer

  • Bobby Braddock

    Bobby Braddock

    Hall Of Fame Songwriter

  • Ronna  Reeves

    Ronna Reeves

    Hit Publisher - Showbiz-Ro

  • Rivers Rutherford

    Rivers Rutherford

    Multi #1 Songwriter

  • Rebecca Lynn Howard

    Rebecca Lynn Howard

    Grammy Artist/Writer

  • Belinda Smith

    Belinda Smith

    Dove Winning #1 Songwriter - CCM/Gospel

  • Big Kenny

    Big Kenny

    Hit Artist/Writer - Big & Rich

  • Jonathan Mason

    Jonathan Mason

    Hit Music Publisher - Word Music

  • Even Stevens

    Even Stevens

    Hall Of Fame Songwriter

  • Dylan  Altman

    Dylan Altman

    #1 Hit Songwriter

  • James  Otto

    James Otto

    Hit artist/writer

  • Janine Appleton

    Janine Appleton

    Hit Music Publisher - Word Music

  • Andrew Fromm

    Andrew Fromm

    #1 Pop/International Songwriter

  • Publisher

  • Jesse Lee

    Jesse Lee

    #1 Songwriter

  • Brian White

    Brian White

    #1 Songwriter

  • Whisperin Bill Anderson

    Whisperin Bill Anderson

    Hall-Of-Fame Artist/Writer

  • Jamie Floyd

    Jamie Floyd

    Grammy Nominated Songwriter- Actress

  • Tia Sillers

    Tia Sillers

    Grammy Winning Songwriter

  • John King

    John King

    #1 Writer/Artist

  • Andrew Petroff

    Andrew Petroff

    Pro Writer/Producer

  • Mark Selby

    Mark Selby

    #1 Rock Writer-Artist

  • Randall Foster

    Randall Foster

    TV/Film/Sync Music Supervisor

  • Tom Shapiro

    Tom Shapiro

    Hall Of Fame Songwriter

  • Ryan Griffin

    Ryan Griffin

    #1 Songwriter/Artist

  • B. Reth

    B. Reth

    Hit Rapper/Singer/Writer

  • Gabe Dixon

    Gabe Dixon

    Pro Writer/Artist

  • Eliot Sloan

    Eliot Sloan

    Hit Artist -Blessed Union Of Souls

  • Bonnie Baker

    Bonnie Baker

    Multi #1 Songwriter

  • John Ozier

    John Ozier

    Publisher - ole Music

  • Jody Stevens

    Jody Stevens

    Multi #1 Producer/Writer

  • Clay Myers

    Clay Myers

    Multi-Platinum Publisher

  • Billy Montana

    Billy Montana

    Multi #1 Songwriter

  • Taylor Lindsey

    Taylor Lindsey

    Sony Records- A&R

  • Tom Jackson

    Tom Jackson

    Live Music Producer

  • Rick Barker

    Rick Barker

    Former Manager of Taylor Swift

  • Mark Irwin

    Mark Irwin

    Multi #1 Country Writer

  • Mark Bright

    Mark Bright

    Multi-Platinum Producer

  • Chuck Jones

    Chuck Jones

    Multi #1 Writer

  • Gary Paczosa

    Gary Paczosa

    9 Time Grammy Engineer

  • Jack Tempchin

    Jack Tempchin

    Legendary Songwriter

  • Marti Dodson

    Marti Dodson

    Hit Artist/Writer - Saving Jane

  • Danny Myrick

    Danny Myrick

    Multi #1 Songwriter

  • Matt Rogers

    Matt Rogers

    #1 Songwriter

  • Suzan Koc

    Suzan Koc

    Multi #1 International Pop Publisher

  • Daniel Ross

    Daniel Ross

    Pro Writer - Track Producer

  • Mark Nessler

    Mark Nessler

    Hit Country Writer/Artist

  • Kent Blazy

    Kent Blazy

    Hit Country Writer/Artist

  • Marc Beeson

    Marc Beeson

    Hit Country Writer/Artist

  • Emily Mueller

    Emily Mueller

    Publisher - ole Music

  • Rachel Proctor

    Rachel Proctor

    Multi #1 Country Songwriter

  • Aaron Scherz

    Aaron Scherz

    #1 Songwriter - Hit Producer

  • John Elefante

    John Elefante

    Rock Icon/Songwriter/Lead Vocalist- Kansas

  • David Israelite

    David Israelite

    President of National Music Publishers Assoc.

  • Mike Murray

    Mike Murray

    Christian Music Publisher

  • Rusty Gaston

    Rusty Gaston

    #1 Hit Publisher

  • Don McLean

    Don McLean

    Hall-Of-Fame Artist/Writer

  • Jason Duke

    Jason Duke

    #1 Country songwriter

  • Robert  Arthur

    Robert Arthur

    Hit Songwriter

  • Publisher -Demolition Music