Have You Asked Yourself, “Am I A REAL Songwriter”

Am I A Real Songwriter


Are you a REAL songwriter? I can’t count the number of times someone has said to me “I’m a songwriter – well not a REAL songwriter because I haven’t had any cuts.” Believe me; I felt the same way early in my career. Have you felt like you needed to somehow qualify or justify yourself in the eyes of other people? Me too.

As time went by, I realized that I was a real songwriter all along.

Why? Because I wrote songs. I had the guts to pour my heart out and put it to music when others were afraid to be that vulnerable. Because I had music in my heart and a story to tell. I was, and am a REAL songwriter, regardless of my commercial success.

Do You Fit My Real Songwriter Criteria?

  • Do you have something to say?
  • Do you have the courage to say it?
  • Do you write whether anyone listens or not?
  • Do you want people to “get” your music because you care about writing it?

You’re A Songwriter

If you meet those qualifications, then I’d say you’re a real songwriter. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Say it confidently and proudly. “I’m a songwriter.”

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13 thoughts on “Have You Asked Yourself, “Am I A REAL Songwriter”

  1. The biggest problem I find is the sad fact that if you don’t know any body , there is no way to get anyone to listen to your song ideas . The days of that old story about ” writing a hit song on a piece of toilet paper ” is a pipe dream . No one wants to promote your song unless it is ” radio ready ” which in other words , unless you want to spend money you wish you had , you might as well use it to play the lottery . The odds might actually be better than trying to get your song listened to .

    1. Joseph, We have SongTown members that didn’t know anyone in the business and now have signed staff writer deals with publishers, gotten major label artists to record their songs, and get songs place on TV and movies. I myself started in the music business with almost no money and ZERO connections. And now I have 16 ASCAP awards for hit songs and 2 grammy nominations. I can say first-hand the you don’t need full production expensive demos. You need to learn to connect with other writers and co-write. If you learn to consistently write great songs, you can make it in the music business. But it requires putting the responsibility for making it happen squarely on your shoulders and work at it daily with a passion. SongTown members are making it happen daily.

      Cheers, Clay

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Marty, I’ve learned that songwriters will hear the word “NO” ninety nine times out of a hundred before finally getting that all important yes. I have toiled over songs so many times thinking I finally finished a great song only to receive a critique saying the reviewer really liked the singer but the song was lacking in one area or another. I sing my own demos so when I get this kind of feedback, I feel as if I missed the writing mark, but perhaps have a future in demo singing…lol; a bitter sweet affirmation to be sure. But a small victory is a victory, it always takes me back to my writing room with a little more confidence and hope that someday my writing will prevail.
    Thank you Marty for all the cool things y’all do for songwriters, you are making a positive impact and difference within the songwriting community.

  3. Thanks for the motivational speech, Marty! Sometimes all it takes is a few encouraging words from someone who knows what you’re going through, and a new perspective on a situation. Sometimes I feel like Pinocchio wondering if I’m a real boy when it comes to this songwriting thing, so I appreciate these blogs. Thanks again!

  4. Happy New Year to All,

    Marty, you bring a vast amount of sincerity and general caring for those of us who need a wee bit of support and encouragement now and then. The one thing I dislike about writing is that it’s a solo effort… but then again, that’s also what I like about it most. It’s so important for us to have you guys as our coaches and support system.

    Please continue. There’s an ocean of great lyrics being written because of you guys!

  5. Yeah! Exactly, somedays I have forgotten that I love songwriting instead copyselling, the first thing the first…I have never had a song recorded and have almost quit, but then after some long silences the songs still apearing in my brain and hard asking to get written, not promising to be sold and I remember what I am: A songwriter.

    Thanks a lot Marty, here I have found encourangeing, undertandables and valuable lessons from both you and Clay.

  6. Thanks Marty, you guys always say the right things. Even with releases I still question whether I am or not. I think mostly because I know I can be better but are we ever good enough?

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