How To Get The Most From SongTown

I wanted to share some ways that SongTown members maximize their memberships:

Take Advantage of Pro Feedback Every Month

If you don’t submit a song every month, you are missing an opportunity for great feedback.  Our pros are hit writers who are still active writers.  They give you a great real world view of where you are at with your song.  That ongoing feedback is super valuable.

Make Watching Videos From The Learning Library a Discipline

Many of our members schedule time each week to watch videos from the Video Learning Library.  We have HUNDREDS of videos to help you improve your writing or learn about the business of writing that don’t cost you ANYTHING once you are a member.  Don’t waste the chance to learn on your own schedule with the learning library.  Some don’t know that the videos are coded blue for “Pro” and green for “Grow”.  The Pro videos help you learn about the music business.  The Grow videos help you learn to write better songs.

Get Involved In The Community

Don’t start by asking everyone to co-write with you.  That’s like asking strangers to kiss you.  It might work every now and then but not on the regular.  Instead, get to know people and their music.  Give other people feedback on their songs.  Jump into discussions on the forums.  Take our online classes.  Then, as you get to know people, you can more organically ask some of them to write with you.  The more you GIVE to the community, the more you will get in return.

Utilize The Ask Clay and Marty Forum

If you have a question that other people might have as well, go to this forum and search for the key words in your question.  The answer may already be there.  If not, ask us there.  We try to answer these questions daily.  You’ve got access to active hit songwriters as a ST member, so don’t sit on a question you have.  There are no dumb questions!

Those four steps can help you maximize what you get out of SongTown!

Marty Dodson


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