Interview With Producer Larry Beaird

In the SongTown Spotlight: Producer Larry Beaird

Profession:åÊProducer, Arranger, & Top Session Guitarist

Studio:åÊBeaird Music Group

Location:åÊNashville TN


1) What are the top three elements that make a great demo? åÊA.åÊPeople.åÊIt’s great to have the latest high-tech equipment, but the main ingredient in getting great recordings is the people.åÊA great studio staff, world-class musicians, wonderfully talented vocalists, and amazing engineers combine to make it all happen smoothly and professionally.

B.åÊ Preparation.åÊMany times we spend more time preparing for a session than actually recording. AåÊcritical step in the recording processåÊis meeting with writers, artists and producers to discuss musical arrangements and write the charts. Attention to detail in the arrangements is very important.åÊ Going into the studio prepared saves you time and money, plus it almost always gives you a better demo in the end.C. The mix.åÊBlending all the tracks is a very important part of the process. Even if you have great musical tracks, you won’t have a great recording unless all those tracks are blended well.

2) What are the biggest mistakes people make with their demos?åÊA.åÊNot choosing a reputable company.åÊUnfortunately, it’s easy to waste money or get ripped off in the music business. It’s good to work with a studio that has a great track recordåÊfor 2 reasons. First, to avoid losing any of your hard-earned money. The second is to get great recordings of your songs.

B.åÊNot considering the ideas of those recording your music.åÊI understand that writers are very close to their music, but it’s good to balance your musical ideas with the ideas of the musicians, vocalists and engineers that are recording the music. Everyone that works on our demos cares about the music and wants to make each recording as commercial as possible. Considering others ideas (even if you decide to decline them) is a good thing to do.

3) Do you record demos for people that don’t live in Nashville and can’t come to the session?åÊAll the time.We have clients all over the world, and these days, technology allows us to get them involved in the recording process.åÊ We can chart songs via Skype or the phone, and we frequently stream sessions over the internet so writers can hear and see what‰Ûªs going on. We can even provide a scratch vocal for those that can‰Ûªt attend the session.åÊThis vocal helps the band know where the real vocal will go later.

4) Are there any songs that became hits that were demoed at your studio? åÊåÊYes absolutely, here are a few recent ones:

She Wouldn‰Ûªt Be GoneåÊ-åÊ#1 for Blake SheltonåÊ- written by Jennifer Adan and Cory Batten.

All-American GirlåÊ-åÊ#1 for Carrie UnderwoodåÊ- written by Carrie Underwood, Ashley Gorley and Kelley Lovelace.

I Run to YouåÊ– #1 for Lady AntebellumåʉÛÒ written by Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, and Tom Douglas.

Luke BryanåÊactually released one of our ‰ÛÏdemos‰Û on hisåÊSpring BreakåÊ-åÊHere to PartyåÊalbum which debuted at #1 of all genres!

5) Do you help people “produce” their demo? åÊYes. We offer our ideas about how to best arrange a song (all the while deferring to what the writer wants).åÊ We take care of charting the songs, arranging songs if necessary, and producing the session with the band.

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