SongTown Presents:

 The S – Factor CrashCourse

“The Voice” meets “American Idol” meets “Shark Tank” … SongTown Style. You have never experienced a songwriting class like this!

Online Class – Replay available for all classes if you can’t watch live.

Four songwriting pros battle over YOUR song ideas, and when the dust settles, you will have a hit songwriting pro coach you through the process of turning your idea into the best song it can be! This includes idea development, song mapping,melody developement, and more.

Each pro will be working with a small group of writers, so this is your chance to get professional coaching and have a great time learning how to improve your songs!  At the end of the class, each pro-writer will pick the best song from their “team” to pitch to a publisher. Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out!



  • This is a fun-filled songwriting class where, much like the singing competition “The Voice,” our songwriting judges will fight for YOU to be on their team! You will write a song for this competition, which will be played for our judges (hit songwriters Clay Mills, Marty Dodson, and surprise guests) during our live class. Each judge will have a chance to “choose” your song and select you for their team. If more than one judge selects your song, they will have to battle it out to persuade YOU to be on one of their teams!
  • Classes are easy to view and participate from your computer, laptop, or smartphone.
  • All classes are available to watch on replay if you miss it live. We keep the video up for 3 weeks after your class to review at your leisure.
  • Post your assignments in the forum and discuss with your classmates.
  • Price for The “S” Factor Songwriting Competition with Clay Mills, Marty Dodson, and surprise guest judges is $225.00 (spots are limited).


Who Should Take This Class:

  • Those new to song-writing.
  • Those with experience and want to learn how pro writers approach each step of the writing process.
  • Lyricists who want to master taking a song idea and developing it into a completed killer song.
  • You! Whether you’re writing for pure fun or pursuing a staff writing career.

Attend the class LIVE from your computer or smart device each week!


The 3 Week CrashCourse begins:

  • First class: Monday, August  21, 2017
  • Class Dates: Aug 21, 28, and Tuesday Sept. 5
  • Class Time: 7pm- 8pm (CDT)
  • Location: Online on your computer or smart device


Additional Details:

  • The CrashCourse is a weekly one-hour, online class (for a total of 3 weeks) with a professional instructor.
  • Classes are easy to view and participate from your computer, laptop, or smartphone.
  • All classes are available to watch on replay if you miss it live. We keep the video up for 3 weeks after your class to review at your leisure!
  • Post your assignments in the forum for pro feedback and guidance throughout the class; and discuss with your classmates.


Quotes from Former Attendees:

“Excited to announce my first major artist cut on Anderson East’s new Atlantic Records Album. I’d also like to say I took some advice from Songtown’s class with Clay Mills and wrote “what the artist didn’t have.” I’m sure that worked in my favor! ~ Jon Decious (Nashville, TN)

“I recently attended the SongTown Master Class, and I have to say it was the single best learning experience in my quest to become a professional songwriter.” ~ Jonathan Helfand (New York, NY)

“I have done many songwriting workshops in the past, and the SongTownUSA Master Class has been by far the best. You really cannot put a price tag on the experience of every week meeting with a hit songwriter and getting their direct feedback and suggestions!  Plus I now have awesome new cowriters. I hope everyone will apply for the next class.”    ~ Kate Smith (Grove Heights, MN)

“I find these class’s are like ‘icing on the learning cake’. If you are looking to take your songwriting to the next level then the songtown crash courses are invaluable. As an out of town writer, the ability to gain access to tips from real time pro’s with knowledge that is both current and commercial has helped me to really fine tune my writing. I can tune in to the webinar’s at a time that suits me and replay if required. Awesome classes, please keep em coming!”  ~ Vanessa Selwyn (Albury, New South Wales, Australia)

“For any of you wondering about a Master Class: I am just finishing up a Master Class hosted by SongTown. As to be expected, lots of great songwriting advice and work assignments. What surprised me though was the camaraderie that developed between us all…. how we encouraged and spurred each other on. Each week I had to stretch out further, and work on improving the quality of my writing. as the bar was lifted higher. Amazing what a deadline does. As an end result, I am more focused; and best of all, I have established relationships with my classmates and we are now writing together. Some hit songs in the future? Well….stay tuned.”    ~ Lucy LeBlanc (White Rock, British Columbia)

“The Songtown classes I’ve taken have really helped me consider my skills and zero in on th important aspects of writing. I don’t waste as much time as I used to. And I’m learning to look at my lyrics objectively. I think the classes are a great investment!” ~ Soce Marie (Nashville, TN)