Songwriters: You’re the Hero, SongTown is the Sidekick

So many songwriting sites advertise the amazing things they can do for you.

They will “turn you pro”, introduce you to someone who will magically “get” you and get all of your songs cut, or take you up to breathe the rarified air of “hit mountain”.

In SongTown, we don’t operate that way. We want to be the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker, the Robin to your Batman. Why is that? We want you to be the one who writes that song that changes everything for you and that makes the world pay attention. We want YOU to be the hero while we gently push and challenge from the sidelines. We’re simply mentors and guides helping you become the best songwriter you can be.

If you write a hit song someday, our names are not going to be on it.

You’ll be standing on a stage somewhere getting awards and making speeches. And we will be cheering louder than anyone because we got to be a part of your songwriting journey. We don’t make promises beyond this one.

We have been wherever you are on your songwriting journey and we can help you learn to write your best song.

That’s our focus and our goal. Simply to guide you as you improve in your craft, to help you find collaborators that make you a better writer, and to lead you to the people that can make something happen with your music once it is world class.

So, if you’re looking for a Superman to come save the day and make you a hit writer, you won’t find that here. But if you need a Yoda who can teach you what you need to know to find the greatness in yourself, then you’ll find a home in SongTown.

Write On! ~Marty

Marty Dodson - pro songwriter/instructor - SongTown

Marty Dodson

Author/Pro Songwriter/Mentor To Superheroes

11 thoughts on “Songwriters: You’re the Hero, SongTown is the Sidekick

    1. Of course we can get you heard. If you’re songs are good we have lots of ways to get heard. We are in the music business and have helped 8 writers in the last 6 months sign staff writing deals with publishers. We have programs set up for our members to study with publishers and train.

  1. The Karate Kid reference from Colleen is good too! “Wax on, Wax off.” Writing and composing certainly takes a lot of “elbow grease.” 🙂

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