39 thoughts on “Songwriting Success: Lesson #2 Writing Real

  1. So today I started this course. I am at the first exercise, here’s my first effort. I’m gonna give it my all and let you know how it goes.

  2. Real- A process that I have to keep pounding into my head! Grateful to have found these videos, they are a fountain of song writing wisdom. I’ll be back for them all. Thanks, Marty and Songtown!

  3. Yup! Real trumps clever every time! Thanks for the reminder… lately when I write someone a letter, I’ve been realizing that most of the time, I can be more “real” as well…

  4. Great. A reminder of things I knew, put in practical terms. Feeling more inspired to write lyrics to go with what I hear in my head. Thanks!

  5. This was eye-opening. (But for a different reason than you might think). I’ve always been more proud of my clever songs than my real songs and would tend to show-off the ‘cute’ lyrics to my friends…when it’s obvious that the real stuff has been sitting collecting dust on the shelf. Great timing for this advice.

  6. Wonderful advice. I never thought about writing songs in this way. While you were talking so many things were going through my mind. Thank you. I look forward to the next lesson.

  7. Love this. Thank you. I have just jotted down 15 ideas in a few minutes and I don’t even think I’ve got to the good stuff yet. What a great exercise to get “real”.

  8. I am impressed, thanks!!
    I’m looking forward to more
    Love your style of teaching, and advice to look at our limitations as opportunities

  9. Marty your gift to us is finding structure in crafting our emotions into words and sound bites. Often my goal is simply to have fun with telling a spicy story like Jim Croce and his “Bad Bad Leroy Brown”. Is there still room or demand for such?

  10. What if the goal of your song is to have a traditional feel? For example, I play mostly traditional music and write also. Many of those old ballads were very poetic. What if the goal of your song is to feel and sound like it’s from the early 1800’s? An example would be Sarah Jarosz and the song “Tell Me True” It was an old poem that she turned into a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSKls6PlwQo

  11. Thanks Marty, such a great exercise! I have been trying SO hard to come up with something clever and unique….so of course nothing is coming! I’ve started this exercise of writing ten honest statements, simple, raw and real!

    Wonderful Idea 🙂

  12. Definitely like the idea behind this exercise. Being able to refer back to that one phrase (or statement) that you wanted to say to that person would seem to help you stay focused on your initial reason for writing the song in the first place.

  13. Wow, that was powerful advice. Go deep. Five to ten things I’d like to say makes me tear up just thinking about them. Thanks Marty!

  14. Starting out I noticed much of my writing was venting… and it’s easy to find the real emotions that caused the need to vent…but once you get that out of your system…you need a source of inspiration….this is a great exercise to keep moving forward by exploring emotional triggers in detail and building a story everyone can relate to…keeping it real in a separate book you can go back to, time after time, for inspiration… is a very positive way to proceed! Thanks!

  15. Wow! Thank you Marty…..There is so much that has come to my mind in the past that I have never written down………Such a great idea…..Think I’ll start carrying a tablet, as well as working on your writing real exercise…….Inspiring!

  16. This was vital information for me! I usually get stuck trying to brainstorm ideas, by overcomplicating the thought process.

  17. Good ideas. I like to hear songs that convey a real emotion. I especially like that this lesson is “chunked” – two simple steps done as “pre-write” to generate ideas.
    One method of acting has a person remember a similar experience – if the character is angry, remember a time that made one angry and act from that feeling. Marty’s exercise reminds me of that potential within us, avaialble to tap, even in a fictional situation.
    Now, off to try your idea!

    1. Wow. Thank you Marty: Really helps me understand the concept of music….So much I wish I would have written down already….will work on this writing real exercise….

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