Starting Your Song On The 5 Chord

Hey Song Meisters!

Are you stuck in a chord rut? Well, I’m going to give you a trick I’ve used when writing hits like Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It by Darius Rucker. It’s all about placing the 5 chord in  an unexpected place.

This is a short video but will go a long way in breaking you out of using the same old chords and making your music stand out from the crowd.

Write on!


3 thoughts on “Starting Your Song On The 5 Chord

  1. What is really cool about the 5 chord in your song is that it suits the subject to a T. It feels like the singer is up in the air during the verse, kicking things around in his mind and then lands in the chorus with a clear perspective. It’s perfect!!! Thanks for the tip Clay can’t wait to try it. Also the 5 of 5 is also really cool again not quite sure which key your in until it resolved in the chorus. All really effective choices. Thanks.

  2. Awesome tip, I’ve also started on the Em when playing a G song song… it lends some tension to the lyrics which feels cool :). Thank you!

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