Will You Be Ready When The Door Opens?


Will You Be Ready When the Door Opens?

“He got lucky. That will never happen again.” After celebrating my first number one song, “Beautiful Mess,” a friend of mine told me that a big successful songwriter spoke these words about me. I can’t blame him, he had been writing big songs for years and he‰Ûªd seen a lot of young writers come and go. He understood that while it’s not easy to write a hit, and it’s even more rare to write another. If you don‰Ûªt believe that, there are lotsåÊof example of one hit wonders to back up his theory!

Here’s what usually happens‰Û_A writer writes a great song, has success and the door opens. All of a sudden, artists, producers, and A & R folks notice him and say, “Show us what else you have.” This is where 90% of writers fail. They play everyone the few songs they have, and often, there are no songs on the same level as the hit they wrote. And the door closes. Their success comes before they have developed their skills. Now here’s a few things that “big successful songwriter” did not know about Clay Mills‰Û_I‰Ûªd been knocking on that door a loooooong time before “Beautiful Mess” became a hit. I‰Ûªd put in my time writing a lot of songs: 750 at that point! Having been raised by a family that believed in hard work, I worked hard to become a better writer. When that door finally opened, I was able to take advantage of the new opportunities coming my way. I could sit in a room with Lady Antebellum or Darius Rucker and write songs worthy of being on their CDs. I could write new songs worthy of hitting the top of the charts. Now, I didn’t write a great song everyday, but I was ready for the gig. I once heard a Hall of Fame writer say, “Great writers write great songs.‰Û Marty and I want to help you all become better writers. So that when you write that magical song and the door opens, you will write many more great songs! We will do everything we can at SongTown to help you grow, be ready for opportunity, and pay forward what we’ve both been blessed with. Write On! ~Clay Mills *Click here to listen to the original demo of “Beautiful Mess” www.claymills.com/album/beautiful-mess

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