Your Ticket Into The Music Business: Writing Better Songs



Marty or I often blog about how the #1 goal of a songwriter should be to write better songs and not networking. We believe a great song will open just about any door in the music business. It’s inevitable, when we say this, that comments will follow on how this is just not true. That the business has changed. Or it’s a good ‘ol boys network and you got to know someone in the business. Or I write better songs than that crap on the radio, but the artist is friends with that writer who wrote it. Some have even taken it as far as to say Marty and I never had to deal with x,y,z and we don’t know what it’s like cause we both have connections..

The truth is, if you’d like to get your songs on an album it’s not easy. It never has been. Especially when you feel like an outsider looking in on the music business. But as two guys who have been on both sides of the fence, I feel it qualifies Marty and myself to at least talk about how we jumped over that fence.

Neither Marty or myself had a lot of money, connections, or the freedom of being single without family responsibilities.

So how did we do it? From my conversations with Marty, we both had a burning desire to be the best writer we could be. To write better songs. To write songs so good that when a publisher, artist, or producer heard our songs they had to wanna work with us! We didn’t start out writing those great songs. For me it took about 350 songs under my belt to write my first hit song. And nor do I write those songs everyday now. I don’t! But when I go through a long drought of not getting cuts, which I have periodically through my career, I always come back to- how can I make my songs better? How can I write a song so good that it opens doors for me.

Always, once I start writing better, it creates momentum, and the cuts start flowing again. I have been on both sides of the fence. I’ve had those days of being frustrated, scared, and wondering if I should have gone to law school instead of music school. I have made all the excuses I hear about why the music business sucks and the odds and obstacles are stacked against me. But, when I stopped caring about the odds and focused 100 percent of my time writing better songs, doors I never knew existed began to open with little effort. That’s the power of a great song. It opens doors and hearts. It can pick you up and get you over that fence that seems impossibly high.

Write On! ~Clay


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2 thoughts on “Your Ticket Into The Music Business: Writing Better Songs

  1. So I write a magnificent song! How do I get someone to hear it? The large publishers with the large record companies don’t accept songs from newbies. The large and well established publishers and producers just don’t need me. How well are the independent and smaller publishers connected? Yes you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to have a great song. But THEN WHAT? You didn’t tell us what you did with that first great song. Sorry Sir, I love these articles, but this one touched a nerve.

    1. Louis, these are all things SongTown can help with.. We can teach you the business side of how it all works. And help you make connections with other writers and publishers.

      Cheers, Clay

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