How To Write Songs For Sync Licensing

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In today’s ever changing music landscape, writing music for sync has become an important marketplace for songs and songwriters. Knowing how to write songs for sync will not only supplement a writer’s income but it also has the potential to launch a recording artist from obscurity to stardom. More music content is being consumed now…

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It’s Never Too Late When It Comes To Your Songwriting Dreams

chase your songwriting dreams

I believe that it’s never too late to be what you might have been and to chase your songwriting dreams. In my case, I was in my mid-thirties when I started trying to write professionally. I got a much later start than some others who pursued their songwriting passion right out of high school. But,…

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Melody and The Power of Three

In storytelling, there is a principle called “The Rule of Three.” This principle points to the tendency for plays, movies, and stories to have three repeating or related elements. Stories and plays usually have three acts. In fairy tales, the hero is often granted three wishes. In the story, “The Three Little Pigs,” the big…

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Blueprinting Your Song: How To Write Better Songs Faster

Bluepriniting-song building- Marty Dodson

Something that has changed my songwriting in a radical way is a technique I call blueprinting your song. When you’re building a house, you hope that the builder is working from a good blueprint.  That’s really the only way to make sure that the house you wind up with is the house you intended to…

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How To Write Romantic Songs

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Over the course of my career, my biggest hits have been romantic ballads or mid-tempo songs. So, I’m not the stereotypical pro writer who writes up-tempo all of the time. I’m not afraid to write a ballad! And, I don’t think you should be either. Some of the biggest songs in music history have been…

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5 Ways Second Verse Lyrics Can Destroy Your Song

There are many ways that a song can start to go wrong in the second verse. Don’t let these “song-killers” crop up in YOUR second verses!  Here are 5 ways second verse lyrics can destroy your songs. 1) Say the same thing as the first verse in different words. You have to give the listener…

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The 9-Minute Songwriter Workout

The 9-Minute Songwriter Workout consists of three songwriting exercises designed to get you into the flow of writing without overthinking it. Your best ideas come from the subconscious, and you can tap into this with regular practice. Remember to do these exercises quickly, spending three minutes on each in rapid-fire succession. I like to set…

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How To Get Motivated To Write More Songs

Over the last 3 years at SongTown I have personally responded to thousands of emails. Many want to write better songs but can’t seem to find the songwriting motivation to commit to writing on a regular basis. If this is you, you are not alone. We all feel the pull of emails, social media, or that new…

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Perspective: A Powerful Tool For Songwriters

I believe that “perspective” may be one of the most powerful concepts in our lives. Your perspective can totally change your experience of an event. Siblings can have dramatically different takes on a traumatic home situation because they take different perspectives on what occurred. When I was in high school, Nelson Eddy was my English…

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Starting Off With A Bang – Why Opening Lines In Songs Matter

I believe that one of the most overlooked, yet most important lines in a song is the very first line. Yes, your title is super important and a great setup line before your title lands is crucial. But, the opening line of your song often determines whether or not anyone ever gets to hear that…

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