SongTown is a virtual “town” where creative people gather to be encouraged, educated and inspired.  We focus on 3 “C’s” – Community, Coaching and Connection.  Our goal is to make SongTown the best community of songwriters on the planet.  Writers of all genres, from all over the world come to SongTown to find other creative co-writers, to learn how to improve their craft from #1 hit songwriters and publishers, and to be mentored by successful music industry pros.

Many songwriting sites are run by people who have had limited (or no) actual success in the music business.  SongTown was created by and is curated by Marty Dodson and Clay Mills.  Both have had over 200 songs recorded and at least 6 #1 songs to their credit.  With success at the highest levels, they can teach you how to get to the next level with your writing.  They’ve been there and done that.  We like to call it “Street Cred”.  Why get songwriting advice from people who haven’t walked the walk themselves when you can get real advice from established pros?  All of our mentors and teachers have written, published, or produced real world hits and succeeded in the music business.  That’s our firm commitment to our members.

Yes – IF you have great songs.  Many sites make a blanket promise to “get your songs in the right hands”.  There’s no way to truthfully make that promise to everyone.  At SongTown, we get to know you and your music.  We help you improve your writing.  If you can get your writing to a professional level, we help you pitch your music, we connect you with pubishers, and do everything in our power to get your song heard.  Those connections are the easy part if you have great songs.  We have pitched songs to artists on behalf of members, set members up with publisher meetings, and connected writers with song pluggers that are now actively pitching their songs.  We don’t do that for everyone.  Our reputation is on the line when we make those calls, so we do that when we believe we’ve found a hit.

Yes, We do a lot of that on an unofficial basis after we get to know you and your music.  And many of our members are connecting through the SongTown forum, online classes and mentoring sessions.  We have many lyricists that we connect with melody people and vice-versa.  We are big fans of collaboration and we do everything we can to help you find others to work with.

Yes!  Clay and Marty are active staff writers with publishing companies.  They have worked in the business for more than 20 years each.  So, they are happy to share all of that knowledge with SongTown.  You’ll find educational videos on publishing and the music business.  We also offer periodic online classes where you can get to know top music publishers.   Our webinar library also includes interviews with publishers, producers and other pros on the business side of music.

College degrees are great, but in the world of songwriters and artists, no one will ask you what degree you have and where you got it! SongTown offers you real world training by successful pros who will help you reach that next level in songwriting. We like to call this Street Cred. And you most definitely need it to get ahead in the music business!

SongTown gives you 3 options to best fit your needs. There’s a monthly subscription if you prefer to take it month by month. A yearly subscription which gives you 2 free months of membership. And our Diamond membership is for those who want to really up their game and saves you over $300 in classes, pro mentoring, and more. Check the home page for package details.

You can cancel your subscription at any time in the Subscription section of the Account area.

Yes, our members are very active in the SongTown Forum. Posting and commenting on each other’s songs, co-writing with one another, and supporting each other through creative high’s and low’s. Our forum in the first year has over 20,000 comments!

Absolutely! As a member you can place one song per month in the pro feedback forum for feedback from our staff of hit publishers and writers. You can also find pro publishing and songwriting mentors on the site who are available to book private 1-hour mentoring sessions.

Yes, all of our 3-week Crash Courses, 6-week Masterclasses, or creative writing retreats can be taken a la carte if you are not a regular member.

Yes, we have many international members taking classes and participating in all facets of the SongTown community. If you miss any of our live broadcasts there are video replays available.