Get Inspired: 5 Morning Inspirations For Songwriters


5 Morning Songwriting Inspirations to go with your coffee!


Today is a new start.

Today could be the day that I write that first cut or my best song. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past. I have a clean slate today. I will make the most of it.

I am a better writer than I was yesterday.

I’ve been working at my craft and improving little by little. Today’s song will be better than yesterdays.

I have been given a gift.

Not everyone can do what I do. I will celebrate my gift and ENJOY the creation of a new song today that the world has never heard.

I am not defined by commercial successes OR failures.

My writing makes me happy. And it blesses the people around me. The marketplace doesn’t decide if I am a successful writer.

I am on a journey.

That journey is the joy. The joy is not in arriving someday at a “Destination” or “Mastery” of writing. I will always be traveling forward on this road and I will not be too hard on myself for not being at a spot farther down the road. As long as I’m moving forward, I am closer and closer to my goals.

Stay inspired. Write on! ~Marty

Marty Dodson is a multi #1 hit songwriter and co-founder of SongTownUSA

29 thoughts on “Get Inspired: 5 Morning Inspirations For Songwriters

  1. I beleive in all of what is believed by creatives, above all I beleive in that we are receivers of vibrations that circle this universe, and that one can receive an impulse to manifest a feeling into whatever form of artistic endeavour mine being in the form of song which known or unbeknown is then transmitted back into the universe.
    Knowing or beleiving in this is my solace that I am a part of the flow of music.

  2. I think those five thoughts apply to any human endeavour.

    If the joy is not in the journey, it’s a misery.

  3. Soon as I get resettled I will re-post in my writing room
    “God gave you a creative spirit.
    This was a gift,
    not a mistake.”

  4. Thanks Marty, for helping me remember to just do my best right now. Thanks to you and Clay and the gang, that getting better thing has been accelerated. I appreciate all you do; I recognize that you could be doing something else with your time.

  5. Thanks, Marty! Motivation (and inspiration) come and go, so we need these “joggers” to spur us on when these are at a low ebb.

  6. Hey Marty,
    Thanks for the inspiration… but seriously, when are we gonna write?
    Trust me, this crazy industry will never define me…(well it seems crazy anyway, because it hasn’t found me yet…) but then when I hear a great song on the radio, I realize that God must be in control and maybe it’s just not my time yet… but it’s so hard to be patient… I’ve been writing for almost 30 years!!!
    But I’m always gonna write because it’s fun and because God gave me the gift… and He’s the One in charge…whether they’re good songs or bad songs…they just keep comin’… I’m thankful for that…God Bless you and all of your friends from Songtown…Thanks for remembering those of us who haven’t gotten a break yet…
    And when is there going to be a TV show about songwriters?

  7. Marty! This is just what we needed to see today. I sure did after trying so hard to write some good melodies and thoughtful lyrics. I’m happy to have this gift and that is motivation in itself. It’s good to get these jewels and so much encouragement on this songwriting journey. Thanks!!!

  8. You are right, stay up, I used to be a crutch for all my friends and was always there for them, I finally got the hint when no one was there when I needed them. Now I write songs and I am Happy Everyday I wake up!
    Thanks Patrycya

  9. Thank you,

    Since keeping our goals and desires at the head of the line, when it comes to daily intentions;
    your simple lists and tips really help to stay focused.

    write on

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