Get Inspired: 5 Morning Inspirations For Songwriters


5 Morning Songwriting Inspirations to go with your coffee!


Today is a new start.

Today could be the day that I write that first cut. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past. I have a clean slate today. I will make the most of it.

I am a better writer than I was yesterday.

I’ve been working at my craft and improving little by little. Today’s song will be better than yesterdays.

I have been given a gift.

Not everyone can do what I do. I will celebrate my gift and ENJOY the creation of a new song today that the world has never heard.

I am not defined by commercial successes OR failures.

My writing makes me happy. And it blesses the people around me. The marketplace doesn’t decide if I am a successful writer.

I am on a journey.

That journey is the joy. The joy is not in arriving someday at a “Destination” or “Mastery” of writing. I will always be traveling forward on this road and I will not be too hard on myself for not being at a spot farther down the road. As long as I’m moving forward, I am closer and closer to my goals.

Stay inspired. Write on! ~Marty

Marty Dodson is a multi #1 hit songwriter and co-founder of SongTownUSA

3 thoughts on “Get Inspired: 5 Morning Inspirations For Songwriters

  1. Thank you,

    Since keeping our goals and desires at the head of the line, when it comes to daily intentions;
    your simple lists and tips really help to stay focused.

    write on

  2. You are right, stay up, I used to be a crutch for all my friends and was always there for them, I finally got the hint when no one was there when I needed them. Now I write songs and I am Happy Everyday I wake up!
    Thanks Patrycya

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