The SongTown Country Edge Group

Join top music publishers Michael August, Jamie Dryburgh, Daniel Lee, and Elizabeth Brahan, along with a limited number of SongTown writers, to gain real-life training and opportunities.

The goal of the Edge Group:

  • To mentor writers to the next level by working with top publishers.
  • To teach writers how to cast their songs for a particular artist.
  • To offer single song contracts and pitch songs that are ready!
  • To prepare country songwriters for SongTown Staff Club or staff writers with top publishers.
  • To give writers monthly feedback on one song from a publisher’s perspective.

Each month, the Edge Group writers get:

  • A 60-minute online staff writer meeting with a top publisher. You’ll go over the most up-to-date pitch sheet available and will tell you what artists give you the best shot for a cut. You’ll also be learning what those artists are looking for.
  • A writing assignment aimed at several major label artists.
  • Feedback on the prior month’s writing assignment. Each month, your publishing mentor will tell you why your song didn’t work or what makes it a song that he can pitch.

The publishers meet monthly with “The Edge” writers in an online video room to coach and mentor in a group staff writer setting.  They give feedback on the monthly submission from each writer in the SongTown forum.  Although the group is primarily designed to get your writing to the next level, they will pitch any song they feel is pitch-worthy!  If you’ve been feeling like you are “on the edge,” apply now to be in The EdgeGroup and let the SongTown “edge” help you succeed with your music!

When spots open up in the elite SongTown Staff Writer Club, we’ll choose members from this Edge Group!

Meet the Instructors

Country Edge Group | Country Songwriters | SongTown

Daniel Lee


A fifteen-year publishing veteran, Daniel oversees a roster of more than a dozen artists, producers, and songwriters, based in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Detroit. He is president of Altadena, an independent label and publishing venture, and has worked with hit songwriters Hillary Lindsey, Busbee, Steve Robson, Emily Shackelton, Dave Barnes, Jim McCormick, and Tia Sillers. He has secured placements with some of the biggest artists in music including Lady Gaga, Keith Urban, Maren Morris, Thomas Rhett, and many more.

Elizabeth Brahan


Before Sprockets, Elizabeth gained experience working at top indie powerhouse publishers including; Combustion Music, Big Loud, and Big Yellow Dog Music. She was instrumental in the day to day publishing duties and label services for hit writers; Florida Georgia Line, Meghan Trainor, Brett James, Ashley Gorley, Craig Wiseman, Maren Morris, Josh Kear, Tenille Townes, Chris Gelbuda, Rodney Clawson, Adam Sanders, Jessie James Decker, Chris Lane, Jim Beavers, and Chris Tompkins.

Country Edge Group | Country Songwriters | SongTown
Country Edge Group | Country Songwriters | SongTown

Michael August


As the GM, August oversees the company’s day-to-day operations including, creative and strategic partnerships, synch licensing, and artist development. Michael has also had numerous placements in TV and Film such as American Idol, HBO, Netflix, MTV, Lifetime, including the end credits to song “Ride” in the movie “Walk. Ride. Rodeo.” Which was also released as a single by the film’s actor, Max Ehrich.  Michael works in multiple genres excelling in Country, Pop, and TV/Film.

Jamie Dryburgh


Jamie’s tenure in Music City spans over 10 years of experiences and opportunities within the music industry including management, publishing, artist development, and song-plugging. Jamie has worked with many top music companies Wrensong Publishing, Aimeeland Studio, and most recently, Demolition Music Publishing.

Country Edge Group | Country Songwriters | SongTown

Application Process

A $15 application fee is required for consideration.  When you apply, you will receive an email with instructions on how to upload your 2 best songs for review.


When accepted into the program, membership to this exclusive group is only $60 per month.