The Sync Writer’s Edge Group


Join Rashad Richardson (Founder, Madden Flow Entertainment) along with a limited number of SongTown writers to gain real-world experience and opportunities.

The goals for the Sync Writer’s Edge Group are:

  • To mentor writers to the next level with their writing for the sync world.
  • To train writers how to write to sync “briefs.”
  • To teach writers how to cast their songs for a particular product/company/tv show/artist.
  • To give writers monthly song feedback from a top sync music publisher.
  • To offer single song contracts and pitch songs that are ready!

We Bring The Sync World To You

Rashad Richardson meets monthly with "The Edge" writers in an online video room to coach and mentor in a group staff writer setting. This is perfect for those of you that don't live in a major music city. He'll give you personalized feedback on monthly song submissions in the SongTown website forum. And he will pitch any song that he feels is pitch-worthy! If you've been feeling like vou are "on the edge," apply now to be in The Sync Writer's Edge Group and let the SongTown "edge" help you succeed with your music!

MaddenFlow Sync Placements- SongTown
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Meet Your Edge Sync Publisher

Rashad Richardson

Rashad Richardson


Rashad comes from a strong background in the music publishing industry. He worked at Universal Music Publishing for nearly 5 years while licensing music for Film/TV. After his tenure at UMPG, Rashad founded Madden Flow Entertainment.

Madden Flow Entertainment is an independent music licensing agency that represents music from a diverse range of talented creators. Rashad does creative music searches, music clearance, and music supervision. Rashad has secured partnerships with labels such as Slip N Slide Records, which control the Masters rights to Rick Ross' early catalogue of music. He also has partnerships in place with creative teams and music publishers in 5+ countries. He has pitched and licensed music that has landed in projects seen on Amazon Prime, Hulu (FX), ABC, CBS, Netflix, and more.

Application Process

A $15 application fee is required for consideration.  When you apply, you will receive an email with instructions on how to upload your 2 best songs for review.


The Sync Writer's Edge program is $80 per month. The application does not require a SongTown membership. If accepted, membership is required.