5 Songwriting Lessons From Master Yoda

Want to become a Master “Songwriting” Yoda? Here are my top 5 tips!

master songwriting yoda



As creative people, we tend to be self-doubters. It’s what drives us to look inward, to constantly question life around us, and, if channeled properly, will drive us to write great songs. It’s perfectly natural to struggle with believing in ourselves and our art, but ultimately, we must trust ourselves and believe our journey is our destiny if we want to become a master songwriting Yoda.


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2. Embrace Failure 

There is no growth in our art without making mistakes. When we create totally within our comfort zone, and never take chances, we produce stale results. Great songwriting means constantly trying new things and realizing that failing while reaching is the first step to growth.





3. Master Songwriting Youda says “Feel the Power.”

It doesn’t matter how many artists have recorded your songs, how old you are, or how long you’ve been songwriting, today you can sit down and create something REAL. Something HONEST. Something so POWERFUL that it can touch another’s heart and change someone’s life.


master songwriting yoda


4. No Such Thing As Try 

Creative people are notorious procrastinators. I’ll try to make time to write next week. I’ll try to finish that song I’ve been working on for 3 months. Yada Yada Yoda! Just Do!




5. Unlearn What You Have Learned 

When I got my first publishing deal, I wanted so badly to prove myself. Every song I wrote included the latest, coolest chord change I’d discovered, along with all the lyric twists and clever lines I could think to demonstrate the writing skills I had mastered. I was convinced that learning, and using all these fancy techniques, was key to writing great songs. However, in order to keep my publishing deal and become a really good writer, I had to learn to cut to the simple, honest core of the song. This often meant NOT doing the very things I spent years learning. Never be afraid to unlearn what you have learned.


So go forth and may the force of master songwriting Yoda be with you!

Write on! ~CM


Clay Mills is a 16-time ASCAP hit songwriter, producer, and performer. He has 2 Grammy nominations for “Beautiful Mess” by Diamond Rio and “Heaven Heartache” by Trisha Yearwood. Clay is also the co-author of  The Songwriter’s Guide To Mastering Co-writing. 

38 thoughts on “5 Songwriting Lessons From Master Yoda

  1. Really enjoyed reading this. Self-doubt creeps in regularly for sure. In the ongoing quest to write a hit, it’s sometimes good to ‘step off the train’ and think about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, and to be kind to ourselves; celebrate our songwriting successes and not beat ourselves up about our ‘learns’. Every song we write won’t be a hit, but as long as we’re enjoying the process and getting better at our craft along the way, that’s something worth celebrating.

  2. I’m trying to take my craft to the next level, and to think I almost start diving into learning all you had to unlearn! I’m glad a NSAI member recommended song town to me! Thanks for all the advice.

  3. Listen to McBride’s, Andy (I can’t live without you) you must. Straight to the core and an example for us all it is.

  4. Everything here is so true to me..especially #3….I’ve had some success as a writer and artist, but I still simply try to write the best song every time I write, like I’ve never written and never will again lol

  5. I often feel my songs are the outside of an onion. To peel the layers to get to the core is hit-or-miss.
    Do you have a technique/process/list of questions you use to cut to the simple, honest core of the song?

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