SongTown Edge Group For Country Songwriters

The SongTown Country Edge Group


The SongTown “edge” has always been about stripping away the hype and giving songwriters real life training and real life opportunities.  In that spirit, we are excited to announce a new program in partnership with top publishers Michael August, Jamie Dryburgh, Daniel Lee, and Elizabeth Brahan for a limited number of SongTown writers.


The goal of the Edge Group:

  • To mentor writers to the next level by working with top publishers.
  • To teach writers how to cast their songs for a particular artist.
  • To offer single song contracts and pitch songs that are ready!
  • To prepare writers for be SongTown Staff Club or staff writers with top publishers.
  • To give writers monthly feedback on one song from a publishers perspective.


Each month, the Edge Group writers get:

  • A 60 minute online staff writer meeting with a top publisher. You’ll go over the most up-to-date pitch sheet available and will tell you what artists give you the best shot for a cut. You’ll also be learning what those artists are looking for.
  • A writing assignment aimed at several major label artists.
  • Feedback on the prior month’s writing assignment. Each month, your publishing mentor will tell you why your song didn’t work or what makes it a song that he can pitch.


The Publishers meet monthly with “The Edge” writers in an online video room to coach and mentor in a group staff writer setting.  They give feedback on the monthly submission from each writer in the SongTown forum.  Although, the group is primarily designed to get your writing to the next level, they will pitch any song they feel is pitchworthy!  If you’ve been feeling like you are “on the edge,” apply now to be in The EdgeGroup and let the SongTown “edge” help you succeed with your music!


When spots open up in the elite SongTown Staff Writer Club, 
we’ll choose members from this Edge Group!


Application Process

Each Edge Group has 30 members and participants are chosen by application process only. When a spot opens up, we choose from applicants on file. So apply today!

 There is a $10 application fee.

If accepted into the program it’s $60 per month.

NOTE: After purchase, your next screen will have details for completing your application and submitting your songs. If you want to finish your application at a later time, your purchase receipt email will include the application link also.