How To Get A Songwriting Staff Writing Deal



Here are the best ways I know to increase your chances of getting a staff writing deal with a publisher:

Get to know music publishers organically.

If there’s a publisher you are interested in and you are able, go to writer’s nights where they are featuring their writers. Buy them a drink. Meet their writers. Mix and mingle. Go to events where publishers are speaking. Attend industry events. Publishers are much more likely to sign someone they know over a stranger. The more publishers you get to know, the better your chances are.

Write with signed writers.

We’ve had at least 3 people from SongTown get staff writing deals this past year. Writing with them or with other signed writers is always a good move. Again, it’s best not to ask them out of the blue as strangers, but to get to know them before you ask them to write.

Do your homework.

Know what a publisher does BEFORE you approach them. If they are a country publisher, playing them your Americana/Polka isn’t going to get you a deal. If they are a pop producer, they aren’t going to be interested in your country songs. The key to getting a deal is to give a publisher something VERY commercial that they don’t already have. Another homework example. You might find out in your research that a certain publisher has 3 female writers and one male. That gives you, as a male, a little edge. They may need more male songs.

Use everything you do well to your advantage.

If you build tracks and do your own demos, mention that. That saves a publisher money. Publishers like to save money. Think of every marketable angle for what you do and make all of that known. Warning – DO NOT make up any of this. There’s no quicker way NOT to get a deal. Don’t blow smoke. And don’t name drop. A publisher wants to know what YOU can do, not hear a list of all the people you work with.

Write great songs.

There’s no easier way to get a deal. If you write hit songs, you’re not going to have to beg for a deal. If you aren’t getting the response you want to your music, this is ALWAYS the answer. Writing better songs will get you better opportunities and it will open better doors. I promise.

In the past four months, SongTown has seen 4 members get staff writing deals. That’s a big deal. And it goes to show that our philosophy works. Keep learning, keep working hard, and keep writing better songs. That is the ticket to long-term success in this business.


Marty Dodson

Songwriter/Producer/Staff Writer – 21 years now

4 thoughts on “How To Get A Songwriting Staff Writing Deal

  1. This was great info. I’m def heading back to nashville, I just want to lock a deal. Thanks for this info. Moving back soon will be a breeze now because i have direction. Thanks a ton.

  2. Brother Marty, your advice as usual is golden, but I think “Write GREAT songs” should be first on the list in my humble opinion. Networking, and gettin’ to know folks in the business and knowing what they want and need certainly will help (as will understanding the business itself, and for that I recommend brother Jason Blume’s book “This Business of Songwriting”). But in my “not yet a pro” opinion, if you write awesome stories that are somewhat “artist targeted”, that’s what they want right?! You can know the president of SNG, but if the stories / songs you write are average, or are just rehashes of stories done before, well they’ve got better writers all ready on staff right? So why take a chance on you?! The song always comes first!!!!

    Thank you and Clay for Songtown my friend!!! It is the best investment an aspiring writer could ever make besides a decent guitar!!

    1. We teach you to write better songs first and foremost. 4 of our members in the last year have gotten staff writer deals. But they did it by first learning to consistently write great songs. Then we can help intro you to publishers at that point.

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