I Got Nothin’ – The Story Behind Writing The Darius Rucker Hit Song



“I’ve got nothing to write a song about.”

A few years ago, I was standing outside Darius Rucker‰’s tour bus saying these words over the phone to my girlfriend. She had just asked me what I was going to write with Darius that day. Here I was outside Chicago, having flown there to meet up with the tour, and I needed to write a follow-up to my first two Darius Rucker hits, “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” and History in the Making.” I said, “I got nothin’, no words, no music… nada.‰” As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I had an idea to write. I hung up the phone, climbed back on the bus, and got out my guitar. I channeled the frustration and fear of traveling all that way and having nothing to write about into my next Darius single: “I Got Nothin‰,” a song about the breakup of a relationship, of wanting to stop the breakup from happening, and not having the words…


I got nothin’

No magic words to stop your leaving

To end this hurt

I’m just blank, I’m starin’ into space

Prayin’ please, please let me think of something’

But I got nothin’


Darius was the perfect person to write that song with, his voice just dripped with experience and heart. So, today if you feel you have nothing to write about, I hope this story will inspire you. There is always something to write about. Ideas are an ever constant flowing river. You can check out the official video below.

Write On! ~Clay

*Clay Mills is an 10-time ASCAP hit songwriter and co-founder of SongTownUSA

10 thoughts on “I Got Nothin’ – The Story Behind Writing The Darius Rucker Hit Song

  1. Here’s how well written this song is: I knew from the first chorus what the pay off was going to be and as I waited for it, my anticipation built and I hung on every word. When Darius sang the last line, it was exactly what I thought it would be and still I was pleasantly surprised and felt a great deal of satisfaction. I’m also quite certain I’ll never forget the song, I’m just glad it doesn’t apply to my life now.

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