Helping You Write Your Best Song

The heart of SongTown is helping you write YOUR best song. At the end of the day, that’s all any mentor or guide can do for you. I can connect you with many of the top people in the business, but if you don’t have a GREAT song, it’s not going to help you. If you write YOUR best song, then you’ll have the best chance of success possible with your music.

That’s why we continually encourage every songwriter in SongTown to buy into the idea that the single answer to any frustration you are having or have ever had in regard to your music is…

“Write a better song.”

Do you play your songs at a writer’s night and get blank stares from the audience? You need to write a better song.

Do you play your songs for publishers and get rejected almost every time? Write a better song.

Do you pitch your songs all over the place and never hear back? Writing better songs will change all of that.

The list goes on and on.

Learning to write a better song is the only chance we have when things aren’t going our way as songwriters.

And, writing YOUR best song is literally the best you can do as a writer.

I encourage each writer I work with to stop comparing their songs or their progress to anyone else and just work at continuing to get better as compared to their own work.

If you are writing better songs than you were six months ago, you’re moving in the right direction.

If you’re not, then you need a mentor or guide to help you figure out why they aren’t getting better.

There’s no shame in not being where you want to be or in falling short as a writer. Only in being content to stay there. Everyone can improve if they are teachable and they work hard.

If you haven’t written your best song yet, join the club! I haven’t either (I hope)! Join the club and lets challenge each other to keep working until we have written ALL of the great songs we have inside us!

Write on!

Write on! ~MD


Marty Dodson

SongTown Co-Founder

Hit Songwriter/Author/Optimist

17 thoughts on “Helping You Write Your Best Song

  1. We are often blind to our ‘weakness’ in songwriting. All parts must come together perfectly for the BEST song. We may have a great melody and a lousy hook. A great story that is too long by a verse(or two)We may have a chorus that is too complicated. To write great songs we must be willing to look at our weaknesses and find remedies!

  2. A period of study of five or ten Songs you think do it right, or maybe even wrong, can be very educational. What is it about those Songs you think make YOU like them? Can you dissect them, seeing how long the Introductory Movement is and how it serves the function?

    How coherent is that First Verse in setting the scene, exposing the situation of the Singer-Character telling his story? Are there other Characters, the Love-Interest Character, the Love-Triangle Character?

    Do you sense the Chorus coming on, that Pre-Chorus ‘lift’?
    Does the Chorus get more emotionally urgent, and does it ‘sum up’ what the Verse Lyric told you?

    Is there a strong summary line, THE Hook, that by the Prosody of Melody and word meanings drives that home as the point of the story?

    How long did it take to get there? If it’s more than 47 to 60 seconds you may have lost listeners already.

    Does the Second Verse advance the storyline?

    Second giving of the Chorus; are you singing along? You ‘learned’ it the first time you heard it. Did it stick?

    Now, does the Song employ a Bridge to break the monotony of Repetition, supplying a Change of Dynamics, instrumentally or Lyrically, to renew your interest?
    Does it then go to a final giving of the Chorus? Or is there time for a Third Verse? If they found a Third Verse, does it complete the storyline, satisfactorily?

    How long is the Song? How long are the Songs on the radio, or the ones you’re studying and dissecting? Time some and see.

    By analyzing a few Songs, three, five, ten, you can begin to have a sense of those factors in your own Songwriting, and maybe you can write YOUR best Song.

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