Kids Are Dreamers, Dreams Change The World

by Clay Mills
Jul 11, 2016

I remember spending my days daydreaming as a kid. I daydreamed sitting in my desk at school, I daydreamed while doing the list of chores waiting for me when I got home from school, and I daydreamed before closing my eyes and falling asleep at each night. I think I knew deep down that dreams change the world. At least they changed mine!

These days I’m sure a teacher or someone would have diagnosed me with ADD and put me on some meds right away to ensure a better future for my little daydreaming shoulder devil and myself! LOL

What I didn’t understand then and what a lot of non-creative type people don’t get, is that there is nothing more powerful than daydreaming. I believe, when done positively, it’s a form of prayer. A way to focus your intention so profoundly that you gather forces larger than yourself to change your future.

The Wright Brothers dreamed of flying. Jonas Salk dreamed of curing Polio. Thomas Edison envisioned the light bulb. They spent every waking moment dreaming first and later working to make those dreams come true. They got it.

Dreams change the world. Kids get this. They don’t question if their dreams are crazy.

It’s just a natural creative process. It’s the grown-up world that tells the kid to “grow up” or “be more practical” or “that’s impossible!”

I myself could write countless stories of how my daydreams as a kid ended up coming true in a blessed chain of events that I could not have engineered if I tried. Not everything has come true. But enough things to give me goosebumps just thinking about the ones that have. These answered prayers kept me going when at 19 with $300 in my pocket, I decided to move off the farm and head straight to New York City! After building a successful business in New York City, these prayer dreams kept me going when my friends had an intervention for me because I announced I was moving to Nashville to be a “songwriter!”

Have you given up your childhood dreams?

I hope not. But the good news is that it’s never too late. I didn’t write my first hit song till I was 40 years old! I knew NO ONE in the music business when I started out, nor did I have any money to speak of. But I had something far more powerful- the heart and dreams of a kid.

Let’s dust off those old dreams!

Write on! ~CM

Clay Mills

Clay Mills

Clay Mills is a 16-time ASCAP hit songwriter, producer, and performer. He is the co-founder of SongTown and has 2 Grammy nominations for “Beautiful Mess” by Diamond Rio and “Heaven Heartache” by Trisha Yearwood. Clay is also the co-author of Mastering Melody Writing and The Songwriter’s Guide To Mastering Co-writing.


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