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When I first started writing songs I was obsessed with listening to records. Songs and sound just turned me on. I was thoroughly engrossed with my favorite artist. I read books about Bob Dylan, I read liner notes and interviews with the Eagles. Deep down, I felt I was part of their world through their music. I spent a lot of time alone doing this. Little did I know that eventually, I would need to find a community for songwriters.

Of course, I had tons of free time as a kid to spend alone doing music.

My mom saw to it that I did my chores, but after that, I lived in a fantasy world where I dreamed of one-day writing songs that played on this magical format called radio. In fact, I am sure barring severe illness, I heard every American Top 40 Sunday Countdown with Casey Kasem from the age of 11 to 17.

As I got older, I felt I was being pulled further away from my first love of music.

There was college,‰ then a respectable job. I had to make a decision to work my day job, and then stay up at night working on my music. But I was doing something I loved, and it gave me energy! A great energy. Still, I didn‰’t feel connected as I once did to music.

The power of community for songwriters…

What I was lacking was a community for songwriters: a group of like-minded creative soul mates. So, when I was in my early twenties living in NYC, I was invited by a new friend to join a Song Circle. Of course, I had no idea what a Song Circle was, however, I showed up for it because my friend said to trust her. When I arrived, I found a group of nine songwriters sitting in a circle. I joined in and one by one, we all took turns playing our songs for the group.

After each song played everyone in the group commented on the song—comments about what they loved, or what they didn‰’t ‰get‰, or comments on how to make the song stronger. I had never experienced this, but it was not awkward in the least.

A community for songwriters has a common goal…

You see, everyone in the room had a common goal: to become the best writers we could be. I knew this just from the energy in the room. I felt it. There is something truly magical about energy, intention, and focus by a group of people with a common goal. And, we all wanted to be the best writers we could be. Eric Beall, Alex Forbes, Shelly Peiken‰…many in the group went on to write hit songs, produce records, and run publishing companies!

I‰’ve often thought about what made that group so special. I believe at the heart of it was Intent and Connection.

We checked our egos at the door and connected with a common all-consuming energy to learn from each other. And, boy did we. One person played a dance song, the next, a rock song, and me, with my country songs. We didn‰’t care, it was all about creating great music and getting better.

SongTown was built on the feeling of belonging…

That‰’s what Marty and I dreamed of bringing to SongTown—that feeling of belonging. That feeling of sharing the love of songwriting with each other. It‰’s the same feeling I had as a kid living through the liner notes of a record, only now, I get to do it with my fellow songwriters. I‰’ve witnessed this same group energy in our online classes as students are co-writing and forming SongTown SongCircles across the globe. Today, I feel connected in more and more new ways, like when a writer reads one of my books like Mastering Co-writing and emails me to share how much it’s helped them.

So when folks ask me, “How does a songwriter get from point A to point Z in the music business?” I can say with absolute certainty that it‰’s not by chasing that co-write with a big superstar artist or the latest hotshot songwriter‰. It’s done by working together with your friends around you.

The group shall rise together in the Creative River. Write On! ~CM


Clay Mills is co-founder of SongTown and a 16-time ASCAP hit songwriter. He has 2 Grammy nominations and is the co-author of  The Songwriter’s Guide To Mastering Co-writing. 

23 thoughts on “SongTown – The Power Of Community For Songwriters

  1. Yes! Casey Kasem’s Sunday top 40 countdown. I was an addict of that! I am trying to find my community now. As a new songwriter, it is very challenging. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. I love this. A friendly music community is so important because they lift you up, encourage you to keep going if you’re about to quit and it’s a big whole rather than pieces. I absolutely love each music community I’m in!

  3. Hi Clay,

    Thank you so much for another excellent article. I am an individual songwriter and I would like for your suggestions on the site where I could submit my lyrics. Where can I start?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Nick, SongTown can help with that.. When you join there is a pro feedback part of the website where you submit lyrics for pro review.

      Cheers, Clay

  4. I couldn’t have said it better. The difference in my path is that I put it all on the back-burner till my middle 50’s , now I feel like I’m running out of time. Feelings of not being able to learn and create fast enough

  5. I have always said the bosses and managers I have respected most and that have made the biggest impact on my career are the ones who shared their knowledge and tried to help others be the best they can be rather than keeping that knowledge to themselves. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for you and Marty as you fall into that same category, sharing your knowledge and experience with the rest of us , and creating Songtown to help us help each other be the best we can be as songwriters and lyricists. Thank you!!

  6. Clay,
    The way you describe growing up with your passion for music reminds me of my own childhood. I was obsessed with music ever since I can remember. I always had a record player, and spent hours upon hours listening to anything I could get my hands on. Reading your description makes me feel like I was not as “weird” a kid as I’d thought. It’s not weird that I was so obsessed. There are others out there like me. We are songwriters and musicians.

  7. Hi Clay, I enjoyed your article very much. I have been a member of a few Songwriting Associations including the Nashville Association. They all had song circles and I enjoyed them and learned being a part of them. I see how Song Town can do a similar thing in the privacy of one’s home. I do co-write but I write alone mostly, even when I co-write it is done mostly by computer.

    How does Pete Smith get his pic by his name and we get the little icons? and ha

    1. Hi Pete, there’s a pretty active group meets on Zoom first Monday in the month 7.30pm. Email Mat Pownall for welcome and access. Be great to see you there. Get his contact from Sky Circle Europe. We have Brits, folk from Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Botswana etc. Craig Taylor,

  8. Clay, since joining SongTown I have felt this energy as well and have been rising together with my friends and cowriters like you say, and it is the best feeling because it is authentic! And it is so exciting to see my songwriting peers hit new milestones, and that has also been encouraging me. Each “win” for a friend or cowriter is like a win for us all in the group.

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