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Transform your songs & writing skills with 2 days of collaborating with top pros.

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Join us June 8 & 9!

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Level Up Your Songs & Writing Skills

Write with Top Pros


Stack Your Project

with Hit-Writer Collaborations

2-Day Songwriting Retreats

Three co-writing sessions with hit writers in a  jam-packed weekend experience of collaboration and fun!

SongTown Songwriting Retreats: Where real-world training meets real-world opportunity.

We've line up top hitmakers to co-write with you and level-up your songwriting. Kick-off each day with inspirational sessions from music industry pros to fire up your writing!


How It Works

At SongTown’s Songwriting Retreats:

• Write with 3 top pros over 3 sessions.

• Take home worktapes for each song written.

• Play your music for a major publisher.

• Gain insight into the business of songwriting and make valuable  industry contacts with top songwriters and publishers.

• Enjoy an evening online listening hangout where you get the chance to ask questions and hear all the day’s songs. (Warning: This is a really powerful experience hearing all the great songs!)



Join us June 8 & 9!

The Summer 2024 Songwriting Retreat will be virtual in our private Zoom Writing Rooms!


Limited Spots!



Additional Details For The 2-Day Songwriting Retreats

  • We start each day with an industry discussion to inspire you to write your best songs—just like Clay and Marty do when they sit down with their publishers before a co-writing session. This will focus your co-writes and net better songs!
  • After the morning meeting, you'll break off into small groups for your co-write with a hit pro songwriter and another ST member.
  • Then, after a lunch break, you'll meet again for your second co-writing assignment!
  • On one of the retreat days, you'll participate in a "Play for Publisher" meeting with a top publisher and play your songs!

Retreat Fee

  • $2199 Early Bird sign-up by May 24th, 2024 (Regular price-$2499)
  • $1099 Non-refundable deposit due when you reserve your spot. The balance will be due 2 weeks before event.


SongTown's intensive songwriting retreats can only support a small number of participants. This ensures quality co-writing time.

Write on!

~Marty Dodson & Clay Mills


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Meet New Co-Writers!

Songwriters Kevin Rowe and Andrew Cavanagh met at a SongTown event and recently collaborated on their first #1 song together in Australia! Songs written at SongTown retreats have charted on Billboard Top 40 charts.  


Stack Your Song Deck With SongTown Retreat Pros
Here are some pro writers from past retreats...


Make major progress in a very short time.

Co-writing with pro songwriters will change your writing and your songs for life. 


Our hit songwriters are expert at coaching you during the writing session and explaining why things work or don't work.


Many attendees establish ongoing collaborations,

including ones that have written #1 songs at retreats!


Not only are great songs written at SongTown Retreats, but we have a blast to attend!

Join Us For 2 Days Of Killer Songwriting Sessions & Songs!

What Past Retreat Attendees Are Saying:


"This was my first retreat and I thought it was great.  I’ve read comments about it and how people come back year over and year and I couldn’t understand why – but now I do!  Watching and working with a pro is such a valuable experience. You can read about co-writing, watch the videos on SongTown about it and even practice with other songwriters – but to see a pro in action – it reinforces and somehow clarifies it all."
Songwriter - Becki Fleischer


"It was an exceptional experience. It was my first songwriting retreat and it was amazing. My preference would have been to meet in person, but the virtual meeting was a wonderful experience as well. It was exactly what we all needed in Nashville. It was a true blessing, and a moment I will never forget. I appreciated that it was over the weekend, as that helped me to stay focused. I wrote with Clay, Danny, Matt, and Marty, and I loved all the songs we created. I would highly recommend this retreat and the virtual experience to anyone that cannot make the trip to Nashville. I was impressed it went off without a hitch the first time around."
Songwriter - CJ Stevens


"GREAT experience. Thanks to all my lovely co-writers and all the other future co-writers I got to meet from the retreat. Y’all are a wonderfully supportive group and all the songs that came out of this were fantastic💛"
Songwriter/Artist - Lauren Spring


"What an amazing weekend. Among the best ST Songwriting Retreats I’ve attended for sure."
Songwriter- Ave Topel


"Put this down as one of the top memories/ experiences I’ve ever had. I’m so glad I did this. I learned so much about writing styles and what kinds of ideas are more likely to get cut… so many other things, too. The process online was smooth."
Songwriter - Jen Jardine

SongTown Success Stories

GAYLE - #1 Pop Song

#1 song on the Pop Chart! “abcdefu” recorded by GAYLE.

- GAYLE (SongTown Alum)

Kenny Pitts - Emmy

Emmy Winner

- Kenny Pitts (SongTown Member)

Mary Haller

Song placement on TV Show "Temptation Island".

- Mary Haller (SongTown Member)

HGTV - Song Placement

Song Placement on HGTV Revealed

- Marika Hallendy (SongTown Member)

Peter Daniel - Top 10

Song written with artist Brandon Davis on the Top 10 Country iTunes Sales Chart.

- Peter Daniel (SongTown Member)

Emma Kirkbride

Signed to DWB Music LTD.

- Emma Kirkbride (SongTown Member)

Song on Hulu

Song placement on Hulu Show "Welcome To Chippendales".

- Skaie Knox

Bill O Hanlon
Song placement on TV show, "Call Me Kat"

- Bill O'Hanlon, Mark Dolin & Chris Ising

Jon Decious

Writer on Ashley McBryde's Album "Lindeville".

- Jon Decious

Big Sky

Song "Watcha Drinkin ’Bout" on the Big Sky TV series.

- VibeCity Publishing, Ryland Fisher, Stephanie Quayle and Joey Ebach

Blake Griffith

Song “Hallelujahville” recorded by Superstar Tim McGraw!

- Blake Griffith

Sara Davis

Signs deal with world-wide publisher Big Machine Music and co-writes #1 song "abcdefu"

- Sara Davis (Staffwriter at Big Machine)

Lee Starr

Wrote the #1 Billboard smash "My Boy" for country artist Elvie Shane!

- Lee Starr

Randy Morrison

Celebrates #1 song "I Will" (Darrin Morris Band) on the Texas Country Music Chart!

- Randy Morrison, Jan Edwards, and Matt Rodgers

Kelly McKay - #1 Song

3 weeks at #1 on the British and Irish Top 10 chart! "All Time Favorite", recorded by Hurricane Highway.

- Kelly McKay, Kevin Rowe, Nancy Moser

American Eagle Ad Placement
SongTown Member's sync song placed in an American Eagle Ad.

- Karen Kiley, Jan Edwards, Colleen Francis

Card Item 17

5 million Tik Tok plays and over 37 million streams on her single “Just Drive!”

- Erin Kinsey

Rita Weyls

Songs featured on “The Voice” and “The Most Expensivist!”

- Rita Weyls

Jesse Slack - #1 Song

#1 song on Australian CMT Country Charts! "Right About Now” recorded by Josh Setterfield.

- Jesse Slack

Conner Sweet

Signs exclusive writer/record deal with Given Music Entertainment. First single cracking the Billboard Charts!

- Conner Sweet

Bobby Evans

Sync placement in movie “You Got This” on Netflix!

- Bobby Evans, Mathew Pownall, & Elias James Edlund

Kevin Rowe

Celebrates a #1 song with Australian country artist Benn Gunn!

- Kevin Rowe & Andrew Cavanagh

Card Item 23

Song placement on network TV Show - Lethal Weapon!

- Ray Weaver

Kelly McKay

Signs exclusive staff-writer deal with VibeCity Publishing!

- Kelly McKay

Jesse Slack

Gold Single for song "Tell You Everything" sung by Robyn Ottolini

- Jesse Slack