The SongTown Staff Writer Club

This program will give you the feel for what it is like to be a staff songwriter. And even better, it gives you the opportunity that staff writers have to get their great songs pitched to major artists!
This exclusive program is called the “SongTown Staff Writers.”


About the program:

21 SongTown members have the opportunity to work with top song plugger/publisher Ronna Reeves. The goal being to help some of you get a major artist cut.

Each month, the SongTown Staff Writers will get:

  • A 60-90 minute online staff writer meeting with Ronna Reeves in which she will go over an up-to-date pitch sheet and tell you what artists give you the best shot for a cut. You will also learn what those artists are looking for.
  • A writing assignment each month that is aimed at several label major artists that writers have a realistic shot of getting their songs heard by.
  • Feedback on the prior month’s assignment.  Each month, Ronna will tell you why your song didn’t work or what made it a good pitch and who she pitched it to.


Here’s how the program works:

Typically, to hire a top plugger like Ronna Reeves,  you would have to pay a $500 per month retainer and then pay bonuses for any cut she got you.  Those bonuses would range from $500 for a cut up to $5000+ for a #1 song.  The problem with most independent plugging contracts is that the pluggers get paid $500 per month from all of their clients whether or not they get any results.  And many of them pitch your songs to independent artists that are never going to make you any money.

We have turned the tables to highly incentivize Ronna to get you a cut.  Here’s how the program will work.

Ronna will not be pitching to independent artists.  Most of them are not going to pay enough to cover the cost of your demo.  She will only pitch to artists that are on labels with national distribution.  That means she pitches to major labels and major Indy labels!

This program will give you a feel for what it is like to be a staff writer.  Monthly staff writer meetings, feedback on the pitchability of your songs, and the opportunity to have your songs pitched by a legit plugger that is in the game.  If Ronna gets you a cut on a major indy or major label, you pay ZERO bonuses.  In that case you would assign Ronna’s company ⅓ of your publishing on that song and SongTown ⅓ of your publishing on that song.  You only give up publishing for a REAL cut.  And you keep ⅓ of your publishing plus you keep 100% of your writer’s share. We believe this program gives you an unprecedented opportunity that can’t be found anywhere else.


Application Process

The StaffWriter Club has 21 members and are chosen by application process only. When a spots open up we choose participants from our SongTown Edge Group.


 If accepted into the program it’s $99 per month.

When spots open up we choose participants from our SongTown Edge Group!