The Sync Writer’s Edge Group

Monthly Online Meeting with Top Publisher.

SongTown “edge” has always been about stripping away the hype and giving songwriters real life training and real life opportunities.  In that spirit, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Jess Furman, Senior Vice President of Sync Strategy at Big Noise Music Group, for a limited number of SongTown writers.


The goals for the Sync Writer’s Edge Group are:

  • To mentor writers to the next level with their writing for the sync world.
  • To train writers how to write to sync “briefs.”
  • To teach writers how to cast their songs for a particular product/company/tv show/artists.
  • To give writers monthly feedback on one song from a publishers perspective.
  • To offer single song contracts and pitch songs that are ready!

We Bring The Sync World To You

Jess Furman will be meeting monthly with “The Edge” writers in an online video room to coach and mentor in a group staff writer setting.  Which is perfect for those of you that don’t live in a major music city. He’ll give you personalized feedback on monthly song submissions in the SongTown website forum.  And he will pitch any song that he feels is pitch-worthy!  If you’ve been feeling like you are “on the edge,” apply now to be in The Sync Writer’s Edge Group and let the SongTown “edge” help you succeed with your music!

 There is a $10 application fee.

If accepted into the program it’s $60 per month.

Note: When you apply you will receive an email with an upload link to upload your 2 best songs for review.