Video Songwriting Lesson: Finding the Heart of Your Song

Finding The Heart & Soul Of your Music Takes Courage… And A Few Tricks!

Multi #1 songwriter Clay Mills will show you how to find the “true heart of your song” and create music that matters.

This video is part of a weekly lesson series for members at SongTown.



Clay Mills is a 16-time ASCAP hit songwriter, producer, and performer. His songs have been recorded by such artist as Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, Babyface, and Kimberly Locke. He has 2 Grammy nominations for “Beautiful Mess” by Diamond Rio and “Heaven Heartache” by Trisha Yearwood. Follow him here: www.songtown.comat

18 thoughts on “Video Songwriting Lesson: Finding the Heart of Your Song

  1. That is so right.

    I just finished a track and have called it At Last! I had this heavy rock riff in my head for over a year and couldn’t ever get it to sound as exciting in reality. Last week I was playing a dance track, and started jamming the elusive riff as a chorus. The riff started to make sense, and then when I turned on the distortion pedal and jammed it up…boom. It has found its home 🙂

  2. Thanks, Clay. I also play both guitar and piano and now that each instrument speaks it’s own way. I’ve been sticking to one or the other and never thought to switch if I got stuck. Great advice.

  3. Great advice Clay as always.I always learn something new and important to help my own songwriting.Thanks again.

  4. I really needed to hear this. My husband and I have been working on a career for nearly 9 years now, and it’s been a long tough road. We need a song for our channel trailer and we haven’t been able to finish it. The entire song is written, but it is missing its heart and neither one of wants to work on it any more. Your story is enough encouragement to take the song off the back burner and try some different instruments and see if we can turn it into our theme song for our channel. Thanks for sharing.

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