What In The World Is A SongTown??

From time to time, we like to remind people what SongTown is all about.  Just in case you haven’t heard of our little “town”, here’s the rundown:

SongTown is a community of songwriters from all across the globe who want to learn to write better songs.

Our mantra in SongTown is that the answer to almost any question in the songwriting world is “write better songs”.  If you aren’t getting the attention you think your music deserves, you need to write better songs.  If no one wants to record your music, writing better songs is the ticket.  If you play your songs for friends and family and they give you the “I’m not sure what this is about.” look, then you need to – you guessed it – write better songs.  Everything we do in SongTown is designed to help you write better songs, so you reach your goals with your music, whether your goal is simply to write a song for your significant other or you dream about having a major superstar record one of your creations.

SongTown is a “Safe Place”

We joke that SongTown is a benevolent democracy.  In our short history, we’ve only had to vote a few surly folk off the island, but it has happened.  Why?  The world is full of negativity and discouragement.  We refuse to be a part of that.  We shoot straight with each other when we give feedback about our music, but it’s done in kindness and in a constructive way.  Those who can’t or won’t do that, get sent to one of the many sites online where you can gripe, complain and blast away at people all day long.  As a result, our community is probably the most supportive, encouraging group you will ever be a part of.

SongTown “Deals in Real”.

Lots of other songwriting sites tell you what you want to hear and give you what you want (at a price).  We only present opportunities that are real and that give you an actual shot at something.  We know of many songwriter events that let you pitch to a publisher, but they tell the publisher to make people feel good and to “take lots of songs”.  As a result, people leave feeling like something great really happened when it really didn’t.  No publisher ever signs 12 songs to single song contracts in the real world from one meeting.  But that happens in the hyped up communities.  We won’t go there.  We have more than 80 songwriters working with publishers each month, and many of them are learning the cold hard truth – they still have a lot to learn and their songs are not good enough – YET.  The publishers are not just popping in for a night to listen to a few songs and make people feel good.  They are listening to songs from these writers each month and building a relationship with them.  That’s how it happens in the real world.  Every opportunity in SongTown is REAL, not hyped up.

SongTown Succeeds

Why do SongTown members have an “edge” over other writers?  Because Clay Mills and I have actually been pro songwriters for more than 25 years each.  We know where the bar is and we know what it takes to write a great song.  We can help you learn to write a song that moves your significant other and we can mentor you down the road to success in the music business if that’s your goal.  Writers who have taken our co-writing classes are “Super Collaborators”.  They know HOW to co-write and they are more self aware than other writers.  When you write with a SongTown writer, you’ll see a process for writing songs that you’ve likely never seen.  Our members have songs on the radio, they’ve gotten staff writing deals, and have cuts with major label artists because they approach the craft and the business in a way that works.  We know it works, because we live it every day!

If you’d like to find out more, e-mail Marty or Clay @songtown.com.  We’d love to help you move into town.

Write on!

Marty Dodson

Co-Founder SongTown


Marty Dodson - pro songwriter/instructor - SongTown

4 thoughts on “What In The World Is A SongTown??

  1. Ditto Bill, Randy, and Avrim. I’ve met and worked with each of them via SongTown. See, we are a town.

  2. With Songtown, I feel like I have finally found my tribe. If you are a serious songwriter who wants to continue to learn how to write better songs, co-write, and be continuously pursuing your passion, Songtown is like Nirvana. The site has enough content and real-time online activities to keep anyone engaged 24-7 for years. Warning: Caution – Songtown will change your life. If you are ready to take it to the next level, this is the place to get you there.

  3. Songtown is the real deal because you and Clay are the real deal – genuine, talented, compassionate people. It shows in many ways, including the number and quality of other industry pros whom you have established great working relationships with over the years who also contribute to the Songtown experience.

  4. Amen. I have been part of SongTown for several years and being part of it has helped me write better songs, make co-writing and music industry connections and get my songs out there.

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