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Sometimes Clay and I like to remind everyone that SongTown is about writing better songs. It’s not about writing Country or Pop songs… or even writing commercial songs. Just BETTER songs, for whatever their intended purpose might be.

Our target audience is everyone who wants to play their song for another person in any setting. That could be a guy wanting to write his fiance’ a song that he will play for her and no one else. It could be a woman wanting to perform original music every now and then at a coffee shop. It could be someone wanting to write a song to play at a family reunion or to put as the background music on a family video. It might be a young artist wanting better songs to include on their first. Or it might be an international superstar who wants to advance their career by writing stronger songs. Whether you want to get songs recorded by major artists, or just melt a loved one’s heart with a song, we can help you learn to make those songs better.

Whatever kind of song you write, and whatever your intended purpose for that song, you can learn in SongTown how to make those songs better. The principles that make songs better are universal for any genre, because, at the end of the day, “writing better songs” is about learning to communicate more effectively.

If you have ever played a song that you poured your heart into for someone else and gotten that blank “I have no idea what you are talking about” look, then you know what it’s like to NOT communicate well. That’s no fun. Most of us write music because we want to be heard and understood. That’s harder than it sounds.

Because we are so “inside” our own stories, we often leave out crucial information that leaves our listener lost and confused. Or, we put in too many details that don’t really matter and our real message gets lost in the sheer volume of information coming at the listener.

So, our primary purpose with SongTown always has been and always will be teaching people to write better songs. If you can learn the basic principles of communicating through song, then you can apply those principles to any genre or style of music that you write. The language choices, slang and lingo may change from genre to genre, but the basic principles of good communication are always the foundation of writing better songs.

If you want to write better songs in any style or genre, we can help you! Find yourself a little piece of land in “Town” and get to know the neighbors. You’ll meet some great people, learn to write stronger songs and have a good time in the process. Welcome to SongTown!

Marty Dodson

Marty Dodson is a multi #1 songwriter and co-founder of SongTown.com

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