It’s Never Too Late When It Comes To Your Songwriting Dreams



I believe that it’s never too late to be what you might have been. I was in my mid thirties when I started trying to write professionally. A friend of mine just landed a starring role (Her first) in a movie with some HUGE actors at age 49. I know someone entering medical school at age 52.

Age is just a number.

It doesn’t have to limit you or hold you back. Does it sometimes present obstacles? Yes. But, I have never known of any of those obstacles to be fatal.

You are not likely to become a recording artist in your 40’s or later. But it could happen! And, who says you can’t write a hit song in your 50’s or 60′? My friend Bill Anderson has been writing for a long time, but he is still having hits in his 70’s.

If you have a dream and you’ve started late, don’t give up.

Your success is probably limited more by your own doubts than it is by the number that follows your name.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t reach your goals or capture your dreams. Prove the skeptics wrong. Do what they say can’t be done. Break new ground. Somebody will do it. It might as well be you.

At the end of the day, no one cares how old the man or woman is who wrote Katy Perry’s latest hit. They are listening for a great song.

So, forget about your age.

Be it “too young” or “too old”, just write great songs. Refuse to be defined by your age. You are only as old or as young as you choose to be.

Forget the number and write on.


Marty Dodson is a multi #1 songwriter and co-founder of SongTown USA

3 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late When It Comes To Your Songwriting Dreams

  1. “You get old, you get wise, you get great big baggy eyes” (-John Kruth) You’re so right, I ain’t gonna quit. Right now I’m working with a lot of younger writers. They are always amazed at how many different styles of music I work in. I tell them, don’t worry about style. That’s just fashion. Write the song the way it needs to get written. If you try to follow the market you’re always going to be copying something that just got popular, and by the time your version of it gets heard, it will be all used up. Make something new to replace what’s popular now. It’s just like getting old… you have to stay comfortable in your skin, and you have to move forward.

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