SongTown: Pro Songwriting Retreat 

Level-up your songwriting with 2 days of collaborating with top pros.


2-Day Virtual Songwriting Retreat

3 hit-writer co-writing sessions in a  jam-packed weekend experience of collaboration fun!

October 16-17, 2021

SongTown Virtual SongWriting Retreats: where real-world training meets real-world opportunity.

We line up top hitmakers to co-write with you and level-up your songwriting. Plus, you will kick-off each day with music industry pros with the scoop on who’s looking to record. Just to get you fired up in the morning to write a killer song! All online in our zoom writing rooms. All you need is your computer and song ideas!

How It Works

Spend 2 full days in the comfort of your home, honing your songwriting craft and co-writing with top hit-makers Marty Dodson, Clay Mills, and special guest hit writers/producers!

At SongTown’s Songwriting Retreat:

*You get 3 Co-writing sessions with top pros.

* Each Participant receives worktapes for the 3 songs written.

*Play your music for a major publisher.

*Gain insight into the business end of songwriting and make industry contacts with top songwriters and publishers.

*Evening zoom hangout and a chance to ask questions and hear all the day’s songs. (Warning: This is a really powerful experience hearing the great songs that come from your day!)

Stack Your Song Deck

With SongTown Retreat Pros

SongTown-Songwriting retreat- pros

Additional Details For This Special Songwriting Retreat

• We start each day with a writer meeting to inspire you to write your best songs during the retreat. Just like Clay and Marty do when they sit down with their publishers before a co-writing session. It helps to focus your co-writes!

• After the morning writer meeting you will enter a breakout room for your co-write with a hit pro songwriter and another ST member.

• Then, after a lunch break, you will meet online again for your 2nd co-writing assignment and spend the afternoon in a 2nd pro co-write!

• Our ST Virtual Retreats are easy to view and participate from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. We use zoom technology.

Retreat Fee


  • $1999 Early Bird sign-up
  • $2299 Regular price.

$999 Non-refundable deposit collected when you reserve your spot and balance will be paid 2 weeks before the event.


We hope you’ll consider taking your songwriting to the next level. This intensive retreat can only support a small number of participants. This ensures quality co-writing time.

Write on! ~ Marty Dodson & Clay Mills


Got questions? Contact and we’ll answer any questions you have.

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Meet New Co-Writers!

Songwriters Kevin Rowe and Andrew Cavanagh met at a SongTown event and recently collaborated on their first #1 song together in Australia! Songs written at SongTown retreats have charted on Billboard Top 40 charts.  

What Past Retreat Attendees Are Saying:

Songtown-songwriting retreat-testimonials    Songwriter – Becki Fleischer

“This was my first retreat and I thought it was great.  I’ve read comments about it and how people come back year over and year and I couldn’t understand why – but now I do!  Watching and working with a pro is such a valuable experience. You can read about co-writing, watch the videos on SongTown about it and even practice with other songwriters – but to see a pro in action – it reinforces and somehow clarifies it all.”


Songtown-songwriting retreat-testimonials     Songwriter – CJ Stevens

“It was an exceptional experience. It was my first songwriting retreat and it was amazing. My preference would have been to meet in person, but the virtual meeting was a wonderful experience as well. It was exactly what we all needed in Nashville. It was a true blessing, and a moment I will never forget. I appreciated that it was over the weekend, as that helped me to stay focused. I wrote with Clay, Danny, Matt, and Marty, and I loved all the songs we created. I would highly recommend this retreat and the virtual experience to anyone that cannot make the trip to Nashville. I was impressed it went off without a hitch the first time around. “


Songtown-songwriting retreat-testimonials    Songwriter/Artist – Lauren Spring

“GREAT experience. Thanks to all my lovely co-writers and all the other future co-writers I got to meet from the retreat. Y’all are a wonderfully supportive group and all the songs that came out of this were fantastic💛”


Songtown-songwriting retreat-testimonials    Songwriter- Ave Topel

“What an amazing weekend. Among the best ST Songwriting Retreats I’ve attended for sure.”


Songtown-songwriting retreat-testimonials    Songwriter – Jen Jardine

“Put this down as one of the top memories/ experiences I’ve ever had. I’m so glad I did this. I learned so much about writing styles and what kinds of ideas are more likely to get cut… so many other things, too. The process online was smooth.”

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Artists Who’ve recorded songs by retreat pros  Clay Mills and Marty Dodson:

SongTown -songwriting retreatsSongs by Marty Dodson-clay Millsclay-records3

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