10 Characteristics Of Highly Creative People

by Clay Mills
May 15, 2024

A different breed…

Over the last 20 years of writing and working with artists, producers, and co-writers; I’ve noticed certain traits in myself and others in the creative community. We are wired differently than the other 95% of the population. We are the creative types. Is this you?

1. When inspiration strikes, they forget everything else but their creative work.

They tend to lose all track of time and even forget to eat.

2. Daydreaming is a big part of their day.

They get lost in thought, detaching easily from current surroundings.

3. They can change their opinion of their own works overnight.

They can wake up one day and hate the very work they loved the day before. They judge with feelings and not logic.

4. They are great at seeing situations from different angles.

They can see both sides of issues and observe objectively.

5. They follow their heart.

Even when they doubt they can earn a living from their creativity, their art keeps them motivated and focused. They are called to follow their heart and block out the negative words they are told.

6. They often seem childish to regular people.

But the truth is, they can’t let the child in them die. They protect this child because it’s their connection to the creative source.

7. Inspirations strike anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Their spontaneous ideas are a part of their nature so don’t be surprised if they get distracted in the middle of a conversation. ADD!

8. Most creative people are extremely loving.

They love beauty and choose to express beauty through their art. They live for the moment and spread love everywhere they go.

9. They notice the little details.

They love people watching and are very observant of their surroundings. They often see what others miss and pull inspiration from everything around them.

10. Most of the creative people are real procrastinators.

They struggle with deadlines and tend to put off tasks until the last possible moment.

Write On! ~Clay

Clay Mills

Clay Mills

Clay Mills is a 16-time ASCAP hit songwriter, producer, and performer. He is the co-founder of SongTown and has 2 Grammy nominations for “Beautiful Mess” by Diamond Rio and “Heaven Heartache” by Trisha Yearwood. Clay is also the co-author of Mastering Melody Writing and The Songwriter’s Guide To Mastering Co-writing.


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